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QuoteMainland Chinese Companies Listed in Hong Kong Face Rising "Greenwashing" Risks

Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) continues to strive for strengthening the ESG regulatory framework and disclosure requirements for listed companies, including the board's governance and monitoring of ESG matters, assessing the risks posed by major climate change and taking appropriate mitigation measures. At present, the ESG reports issued by most Mainland Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong are yet to meet the requirements of the Stock Exchange.

 iconCompanies' ESG reports are not sufficient to meet investors' requirements for corporate non-financial information disclosure, preventing them from gaining benefits from the rising prevalence of ESG investment. Also, the missing ESG information and disclosure discrepancy can damage a company's ESG global ratings such as those of MSCI and S&P.
 iconWith the increasingly stringent ESG disclosure requirements imposed by HKEX for IPO applicants, there is an urgent need for companies to apply for listing to enhance their ESG management and reporting capabilities and prevent an undesirable situation where ESG hold them back.
 iconIn this context, there is a surging demand for listed companies to expand their pool of talents specialised in ESG of the board of directors and senior executives to directly oversee the ESG management and reporting of the company. This increases the level of confidence for companies to manage ESG risks effectively, to better assess and monitor the quality of ESG reporting services provided by external consultants, and thus to improve their own ESG rating results.


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