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Alumni Association


Introduction of the Alumni Association of the HKU Institute for China Business (HKU ICB)

The Alumni Association of the HKU Institute for China Business (HKU ICB) aims to promote and facilitate alumni communication and integration, consolidate the strength of alumni, and become the spiritual home of alumni. The Association comprises the sub-Alumni Associations of HKU ICB of Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western Mainland China. At the same time, Alumni Chapters of HKU ICB have been set up in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hunan, etc.


Messages from the four Co-Presidents

Zhuang Laisheng

Co-President of HKU ICB Alumni Association (East China)       
Chairperson of the 1st HKU ICB Senior Executive Club (East China)
President of Jiaxing Meilijia Food Co., Ltd.
President of Jiaxing Fujian Chamber of Commerce

"In everything you do, you should keep the spirit of craftsmanship. We hope that the Alumni Association of HKU ICB will become a quality platform to serve our alumni. We welcome all new forces to join, which will enable the students and alumni to gather here to build, learn, win together, and generate greater power."


Zhu Pengbo

Co-President of HKU ICB Alumni Association (North China)
President of the 5th HKU ICB North China Alumni Association
CEO of U-think China

"We will provide more platforms and opportunities for alumni to exchange and learn, and help them to develop with the previous presidents' experience. Here I want to tell the younger alumni that there is a much wider room for future development, but you must insist on learning, and only a constant input of knowledge will provide more nutrients for our future."


Weng Yongjun

Co-President of HKU ICB Alumni Association (South China)
President of the 2nd HKU ICB Shenzhen Alumni Chapter
Managing Director and General Manager of
Guangzhou Zhuyi Space Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd                              

"In terms of learning, I hope to practise "Virtus" and "Sapientia", lifelong learning and learning for benevolence. I hope that students will have time to participate in more alumni activities while studying, and I hope that during your studies, you will study hard, work hard, carry on and live up your life."


Wen Xiaoxi

Co-President of HKU ICB Alumni Association (West China)
President of the 2nd HKU ICB West China Alumni Association
Founder and CEO of Cosy City Hotel

"To share two ideas that I adhere to: insist on lifelong learning and lifelong exercise. I wish students currently pursuing their studies to gain knowledge, ability, and resources to be duty bearers, problem solvers, and elegant people in their life and work in the future!"

Professional Club

Professional clubs are a feature of the alumni organisations of the HKU ICB. The professional clubs are currently spread nationwide including the Marketing Dolphin Club, the Human Resources Club, the Finance Club and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club. The various clubs hold a variety of activities such as forums, sharing and visits from time to time, providing a broader exchange platform for every current student and alumnus and establishing close ties among the Institute, alumni associations, and professional clubs. Students and alumni can make new friends and reunite with old ones, while exchanging ideas and progressing together among themselves in the professional clubs.