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Centre for Corporate Training (CCT)


Customised Programmes

Backed by the abundant teaching resources of the University of Hong Kong, the HKU Institute for China Business has established the Centre for Corporate Training to nurture outstanding business leaders and management talents for enterprises and public organisations in Mainland China. The Centre for Corporate Training designs and provides a full range of tailor-made training programmes to meet the specific needs and industry characteristics of enterprises or public organisations in Mainland China. The Institute has accumulated extensive teaching experience in various fields such as finance and economics, business management, healthcare reform, education development, social administration, and urban planning, and offers comprehensive and in-depth training programmes to enhance participants' professional skills and management capacity. The programme can be delivered at the main campus of the University of Hong Kong, complemented by field trips and exchanges with local organisations in Hong Kong, allowing participants to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge

Training Advantages

  • Convergence of Chinese and Western cultures: Hong Kong is a meeting point between Chinese and Western cultures, making it suitable for participants from Mainland China to learn the integration of Chinese and Western knowledge systems
  • Excellent geographical location: Hong Kong is Mainland China's gateway to the world, backed by Mainland China and facing the world
  • Tailor-made training: We design our training programmes to meet the needs of companies and organisations, providing targeted and innovative content
  • Unique programme design: professional, practical, forward-looking, and effective, combining the world's and Hong Kong's advanced experience with the business environment in Mainland China
  • Professional teaching team: With the unique advantages of the HKU Institute for China Business, we bring together international academic experts and elites from the industries
  • Comprehensive logistics support: Extensive experience in logistics support and comprehensive cooperation management process


Cooperation process

The following is a flow chart of our corporate training programmes for your reference (please click on the chart below to enlarge).

CCT Workflow


Partner organisations

Some of the partner organisations: China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Export-Import Bank of China, Industrial Bank, China Cinda Asset Management, China Mobile, Space China, Huaneng Group, HNA Group, Shandong Guanlu Group, Zhejiang Tengen Electric, Watson's, Shenzhen SGY Industry Co. Ltd., Hearst Magazines Group, Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Bureau of Finance of Tianjin Municipality, Guangzhou Local Tax Bureau, Inner Mongolia Health Department, Shandong Provincial People's Court, National Academy of Governance, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Ausnutria Dairy, Novo Nordisk, Funde Sino Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Simcere Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., Chongqing Commerce Committee, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Bright Future Pharmaceuticals, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, etc. (names not listed in particular order)

Teaching Members’ Qualifications

Programme Leader and Academic Advisor

Programme Enquiries

  • Hong Kong

Centre for Corporate Training - Tel: (852) 3416 6555; Email: