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Founded in 1911, the University of Hong Kong is the oldest higher learning institution in Hong Kong and an internationally renowned university. The University of Hong Kong is consistently ranked among the 25 most prestigious universities in the world and is repeatedly ranked first in Asia. Over the past century, HKU has recruited many elite students, cultivated countless leaders with international outlook, provided high-quality teaching, and engaged in excellent scientific research, and has always been at the forefront of the world's top universities.

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HKU Institute for China Business

HKU Institute for China Business (HKU ICB) nurtures the depth of professionalism, breadth of knowledge, and height of future development of China’s interdisciplinary talents through a professional in-the-field curriculum, in line with the founding slogan of HKU --- "Establishing for China" --- and trends and needs of the development of China.

Since its official establishment in February 2010, HKU ICB has opened the door to innovation and become a pioneer for HKU to enter the Mainland China to cultivate professional management talents. The School has launched a series of on-the-job professional and senior executive programmes to meet the learning needs of managers, and has often become a leader in many interdisciplinary professional programmes. After more than 10 years of development, the school has trained more than 20,000 alumni from different sectors. Their strategic thinking, expertise and international perspective are indispensable in China's process of reshaping the global economy and order.

Based on HKU's century-old academic heritage and the learning styles of mainland managers, HKU ICB advocates the "3-3-3" open learning model; emphasizes the "4P" education philosophy of "Professional", "Prospective", "Practical", and "Problem-solving"; adheres to the "5i" talent nurturing philosophy of independence, innovation, internationalism, integrity, and impact. We attach importance to vertical thinking and interdisciplinary integration, and are committed to cultivating compound T-shaped talents for the 21st century.

In the face of the new world pattern and geopolitics in the post-COVID era, innovation is always the best anti-fragile strategy in uncertain times. HKU ICB has embarked on a new journey to develop ESG programmes, Family Office programmes and an interdisciplinary PPES (Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Science) global fellowship programme, based on the on-the-job professional and senior executive programmes. The School will continue to become a propeller for the development of China and the betterment of the world through intellectual breakthrough and cross-profession collaboration by upholding the tradition of openness and bringing together renowned academics and industry elites.