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Since 2012, the HKU Institute for China Business has been collaborating with Stanford University (USA), Oxford University (UK), National Chengchi University (Taiwan), Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Freie Universität Berlin, George Washington University, Georgetown University (KU), Amirkabir University of Technology, Uzbekistan State University, KIMEP University, ELTE, University of Belgrade, University of Sarajevo, Mohammad V University, Manuba University and other world-class universities to create an elective module on "Productivity, Creativity, Innovation and Leadership". The "Global Study Tour" elective module is structured to help the new generation of Chinese business and management leaders develop an international perspective, gain insights into business and politics, and explore global business opportunities.

Our Advantages

  • Prestigious Academic Institutions with a Global Reputation
    The University of Hong Kong is a world-renowned institution with a global impact. With the University's excellent reputation and extensive academic resources, the Institute has established strong links with renowned institutions around the world, which serves as a prime advantage in creating high-quality study tours around the world.

  • Creating A Holistic Experience
    The themes of the study tour are up to date, with emphasis on international perspectives and innovative ideas, and provide a platform for all-round exchange and experience, where participants can listen to profound talks from experts and scholars at world-renowned universities, meet local entrepreneurs for business exchanges and visit prominent politicians.

  • Focus on Humanities and Broaden Your Horizons
    Dedicated to discovering quality travel itineraries and experiences and exploring in depth the World Cultural Heritage around the globe, participants can gain a glimpse of the brilliant human civilisation, broaden their horizons and gain insights, thus enhancing their own cultural literacy and becoming more distinguished business leaders.

  • Extensive Experience with a Focus on Quality
    With over eight years of experience in global study tours, we have organised 20 study tours with different itineraries, with the support of institutions around the world. The Institute is committed to creating high-quality study tours around the world, with a strong emphasis on both "learning" and "travel", putting participants' feelings and experiences at the forefront, thus gaining widespread acclaim.




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Case Sharing

  • One Belt One Road – Balkans

  • One Belt One Road – Central Asia

  • One Belt One Road – North Africa

  • U.S.–China Economic and Trade – Washington, D.C., United States

  • Innovation & Technology – Stanford, United States

  • Industry 4.0 – Germany

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Israel

  • Creative Journey – Northern Europe

  • Innovative Thinking – Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Leadership – Canada

  • Creativity – Taiwan

  • Culture and Creativity – Japan

There are more study tours available, feel free to contact us.

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