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Enterprise Study 2.0: In-depth Company Visit


Search for New Value of Leading Enterprises    Enhance Business Purpose by Personal Breakthrough 

In order to promote the in-depth corporate case study in the courses to strengthen the effectiveness of teaching and learning, HKU ICB continues to enhance the enterprise studies in the form of "in-depth company visit". The learning centers and related Streams of ICB collectively lead the students to visit the leading companies, dialogue with the key executives, and jointly discuss and explore the ideas of the company’s growth. In the process of the in-depth company visit, ICB organizes the students, alumni, and other participants to share their experiences on the spot. The leading teachers summarize the insights gained during the visits together with the latest progress of the management theories and focus to inspire the participants to think in depth and contribute to the valuable results of the visits. Also such results of visits can provide suggestions that be beneficial to the further development of the companies from diversified perspectives.

Design for Enterprise Study
Corporate Case Research
Features and Characteristics
+ Access to leading enterprises
  • HKU ICB leads students to explore the key success factors and development direction of leading enterprises
  • Learn from the development experience of leading enterprises, enhance students' innovation management ability and competitiveness
  • Facilitate exchanges with leading enterprises and other related organisations to build a chain of cooperation at the triple-helix level
+ Interactive mobile classes
  • Students will review information and submit learning experience report to refine the problem in advance
  • Visit enterprises on-site to exchange information and learn from business leaders about their successful experiences
  • Brainstorming sessions among teachers, students and corporate executives and analytical discussions on varied topics
Company Visit Process
  • Visit: Engage the company to “walk and listen” and fully understand it
  • Discussion: Dialogue with company leaders and share the ideas
  • Summary: Conclude the proposal and suggestions to both of the company and participants with the latest and focus of management theories and innovation practice on top of the feedback during the visit