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Prof. N.R. Liu

Prof. N.R. Liu

Associate Vice-President at the University of Hong Kong, Founding Director at HKU ICB

Prof Liu is the Associate Vice-President at the University of Hong Kong. He specialises in globalisation and megatrend and accurately foresees the arrival of the new era— “semi-globalisation” originating from the value and ideology, the “semi-decoupling” arising from the intention of de-risking and the “semi-cold war” focusing on technological competition.

He also has strong interests in business communications, brand strategy, and education innovation. His research focuses on marketisation and internationalisation of higher education as well as branding and marketing communications, and his academic papers have appeared in international journals. He often gives media interviews and has been invited to give speeches frequently on globalisation and China’s Strategy, among other wide-ranging issues.   He has published six volumes of academic works, essay commentary, and nonfiction books.

He joined the University of Hong Kong in 2000 as the Assistant Director of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, and served as the Deputy Director at the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education. As the founding Director of HKU Institute for China Business (ICB), he has been promoting interdisciplinary professional education with the characteristics of being “Professional, Prospective, Practical and Problem-solving”. He steers ICB with a clear direction of enabling learners to deepen their professional perspectives and widen their knowledge horizons, thus lifting them to new heights (專業深度 知識廣度 未來高度), and cultivating talents who can think global and act local (全球思維 中國智慧). 

Prof Liu has a broad background and experience in the field of media and mass communications. Before he joined HKU, he was a veteran journalist in China and USA for over 15 years and published numerous awarded works. As a writer and commentator, he has followed and observed the development of China-US relations and global political and economic trends for three decades. His reporting career allowed him to cover high-profile news events, such as the former Soviet Union leader Gorbachev’s historical China visit and the US presidential elections in 1996 and 2000. 

He was a fellow at the International Institute of Journalism, Berlin, The Asia Foundation, and the University of California, Berkeley. He received his bachelor’s degree from Nankai University, Master’s degree from Indiana University at Bloomington, and Doctoral degree from Bristol University.